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If your network is slow or your suspect there's something wrong it's best to get it assessed. Sometimes it can be an access point that could be causing the issues or perhaps a loop-back through one of your switches or hubs. Network sniffing can provide you with details of what is causing a bottle-neck on your network.


• Installation •
• Troubleshooting •
• Sniffing •


Data Recovery








Sometimes a PC's hard disk gradually fails and eventually you could find your PC not being able to boot. It you hear a loud clicking noise and your PC is running slow it could be the hard drive failing. The best thing to do is turn off your machine and do not use it until it has been assessed


• Hard disk failures •
• Deleted/Lost files •
• Virus/Malware recovery •
• USB data recovery •

If you have a hard drive that you require information from that could be damaged we can assess it and give you details of what can be recovered and a quote for recovery.

PC Clone/Upgrades







When your PC/Laptop starts to become slow it's not always the best solution to replace it. New technology in recent years like SSD's (Solid State Drives) have become increasingly more common and are a huge improvement over old HD's.
Along with your machine starting faster you gain huge speed increases while working, or whatever you use your PC for. We can clone your existing HD to a new SSD



IP Telephony Solutions







Connectivity has never been more important in business. And since the advent of VOIP it has never been easier to connect your employees with their customer. We have experience in Asterisk, Digium and freePBX. You don't need a complex telephone system on your premises to handle a call center. Contact us for more details if you are considering installing or upgrading your current system.



Penetration Testing







Are you confident that your network is secure? The last thing a hacker will do is let you know they have penetrated your network. We can test for vulnerabilities within your network and your website.
This is usually performed within your premises but can also be done externally to see how secure your Wi-Fi is.



Software Solutions








We provide bespoke software development and have extensive experience in creating in-house solutions for our customers in the following fields:

• Order processing •
• Proof of delivery •
• Website/E-Commerce connectivity •
• EDI •
• Automated tasks •

We have also developed our own software package called the DIBOX (Data Interchange BOX) which runs on a stand alone server as a VM. This can be used for in-house development by your IT department/developer to automate tasks. For example: automated FTP/SFTP/FTPS, data conversion, network monitoring, stand alone functions, etc. You can use PHP, Python or Perl to create these, and with additional functionality like the built in scheduler and batch number processing it makes life a dream for programmers.